Lavender and Lace Set - Holly2NY

Lavender and Lace Set

This lavender and lace skirt and crop top is a charming and feminine ensemble that combines the delicate beauty of lace with asymmetrical elements that set it apart from the ordinary.

The lace trim top has an asymmetrical cut bringing a surprising twist, as the back two lace pieces blend seamlessly together. Moving to the front as the lace caresses around the neck towards the chest, it creates a distinct and eye catching look. The adjustable tie at the chest allows you to personalize the fit. 

The skirt beautifully compliments the top with its own asymmetrical flair. Delicate lace pieces adorn the top portion of the skirt where you can choose to keep them close together or separate the lace pieces. You can also choose to keep the focus on the top and wear the skirt higher on your waist or create a space between the top and skirt by letting it sit lower on the hips.